Orders & Dilivery

Our purchasing and ordering policy is simple, we have established an automatic ordering system directly from our web interface.

It is mandatory to firmly replace the billing and delivery addresses that you will find in the primary interface of your account once logged in to guarantee our agents to properly estimate the cost of transporting the goods so you get a better price .

It is also possible to follow the order already made by the customer directly from the “Orders” interface which is also present in the user menu once logged in.

All the necessary information is automatically recorded with the greatest precision and automatically by our platform, on which it is rather necessary to verify the information mentioned when registering addresses.

The delivery of large goods such as digital printing machines, large format machines, finishing machines will be delivered directly by our specialist agents directly to your delivery address already mentioned above.

Small parts such as consumables Toners, Jet Ink and other small goods are not available, customers must report to one of our delivery offices mentioned on the page <Delivery Office>.